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What we can do for you

We help you achieve smoother interactions and cooperation, both within your company and with external contacts. Having intercultural skills will strengthen your crucial professional relationships.

What is culture?

Culture is “a society’s or a defined group’s assumptions and norms.” A culture’s underlying values and beliefs are often deep-rooted and therefore hidden. Most of the time, they are taken for granted, yet other parts of culture are in constant flux. The complexity of culture requires specific skills to navigate.

Why are cultural skills important?

Culturally Intelligent organizations allow room for diverse perspectives. This leads to more rewarding relationships, higher productivity, and an environment fostering innovation and creative processes. At the same time, in today’s professional world, the cost of inadequate cultural skills can be quite high.

How we can help

We offer comprehensive leadership and team development, ranging from Cultural Intelligence to Cultural Transformation. Always tailored to your needs. Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Our Services

Global Leadership in the Digital Age

The ultimate Culturally Intelligent toolkit for the Global Executive.

CAP – Cultural Agility Program

Making International Teams more productive, creative, and inclusive.

Cultural Integration & Transformation

Harness Synergy in cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions through a unique and multifaceted approach.

Global Mobility Academy

Cultural training and support for Executives, Expats, and Organizations.

Other Services and Solutions

Explore our other up-to-date Solutions and Interventions for Individuals and Teams.

The Culture Helix© Model

Prof. Charlotta Brynger,
CEO of CueMe

Charlotta Brynger, Cueme

Our clients are dealing with a complex global environment in constant change. The times when right was right and wrong was wrong are far gone. We now need to rely on ourselves for quick decisions and dealing with uncertainty.

More than ever, we need to understand our own weaknesses and strengths, values and reactions, and assume other perspectives. In short, we need a Global Mindset, as smooth cooperation and efficient communication are paramount. CueMe can provide you with a solid foundation. Boosting your skills will send you on a personal development journey, rewarding to both you and your organization.