CAP – Cultural Agility Program

Cultural Agility Program

Multicultural teams have enormous potentials. When diverse perspectives and backgrounds are properly harnessed, magic can happen. Leading to creativity, innovation, and brand-new powerful practices. However, it won’t happen on its own.

We need to be aware of our perceptions and open to see things from others’ perspectives. We need to do this as a team since every team member counts, and cooperation is key today more than ever.

In this program, you will explore your and the team’s assets and understand how to make the best use of them while at the same time co-creating a new team culture. You will get the tools and methods for becoming and staying a top-performing team in an inclusive and empathetic environment.

In short, the CAP brings the participants from the Unconscious to Conscious and from Abstract to Concrete. The program is highly interactive and pivoting around real matters relevant to the participants.

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