CAP-Cultural Agility Program

Are you part of a company working across cultures?

Do you have several nationalities and functions on your team?

Do you find remote working affecting communication and effectiveness?

Would your cross-cultural activities benefit from a greater connectedness among the people involved?

If you fit into this description or if you have other related concerns

– we are here to help!

The Cultural Agility Program is a 4-day program completed over a longer period of time – a 6-month period is recommended. The program can of course also be tailored to the client’s needs and time frames.

This program consists of

a pre-study analyzing the current situation (such as within the organization, team or between business partners)
personal cultural assessments and team assessments
a tailored training program for groups of up to 12 participants. Bigger teams are divided into smaller units
a follow-up that concludes the training together with a survey evaluating the obtained effects on the team
The development is conducted in a training and coaching format.

The CAP brings the participants from the Unconscious to Conscious and from Abstract to Concrete, the program is highly interactive and pivoting around real issues experienced by the participants.

Please contact CueMe for further information.

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