The Global Mobility Academy

Do you want your company to be an appealing employer for global talents?
Do you want make certain that the assignee’s transitions will be the smoothest possible, to everyone’s benefit?
Do you want to increase the likelihood that your assignee stays on the full term?

If this is what you aim for – we will be happy to assist!


The Global Mobility Academy is a cooperation between Charlotta Brynger, founder of CueMe and Pia Moberg, founder of Japco. In combining our professional competences, we offer a solid, relevant and up-to-date relocation training service.

Our pre-departure culture training prepares the assignee and his or her family before international relocation. It is an introduction to the new country/region covering both business and societal culture as well as how to deal with the emotional part of relocating. Our objective is to bridge the culture gap to create a smooth transition. We also offer the training in a digital format.

We are truly global and offer relocation training tailored to the needs our clients, anywhere in the world, delivered by us or other qualified country specific trainers. 


Please contact CueMe for further information.

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