Global Mobility Academy

Does your organization manage expats?

We can help you and your expats to a seamless global mobility experience. As culture experts, we offer you a unique service to support you and prepare your expats for their international assignments with a 360º perspective. Through our services, you will be able to leverage competence and retain skilled staff long-term.

Your international employee will get the support they need to adapt to a new life, a new culture, and a new role.

We offer a service taking the five crucial expat phases into account – pre-departure, arrival and stay in the new culture, pre-return and returning home, or moving on to another culture. We will support the expat for a smooth transition and adaptation with their private and professional lives in mind.

An expat leaving early due to trouble adapting to a new life and culture is a personal failure and a costly matter we all like to avoid.

Subsequently, we need to consider and align the three dimensions of individual, family, and organization all through the expat experience.

The 360º Concept

  • On-demand transformational education, coaching support of assignee on settling into a new culture and functioning in a new role, and preparation to return or move on to another posting.
  • A Global Mobility Plan supporting HR and Management to harness new skills in the interest of the individual and the organization. 
  • Support for the organization taking in expats – such as how to best integrate a new assignee from another culture, along with the necessary insights for well-functioning multicultural teams, and how to lead across different cultural expectations.

Add-ons for the expat:

  • Additional relocation coaching support for the assignee
  • Development of relevant intercultural skills
  • Swedish for Executives or Business English

Add-ons for the organization:

  • A Global Mobility Plan for the organization
  • “Managing International Assignees” for Executive Leadership and HR
  • “Working in Multicultural Teams”
The Global Mobility Academy
The Five Phases of the Expat Experience

The Global Mobility Academy is a cooperation between Charlotta Brynger, founder of CueMe, and Pia Moberg, founder of Japco. In combining our professional competencies, we offer a solid, relevant, and up-to-date relocation training service.
We deliver our services in digital, face-to-face, or blended learning formats. When required, we have an extensive network with highly qualified country-specific trainers.

HQ in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Global Mobility Academy – a 360 degree concept